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Orah Moore, PhotographerFramed Posters, 18"x24", $95.00 (40% donated)"Morning Watch" framed poster,$95.00 (40% donated)"Row Boats", Framed Poster, $95.00 (40% donated)16x20 Framed photos, $130.00 each (40% donated)Framed 5x5, $25.00 8x10, $48.00 (30% donated)  11x14- $90.00, 16x20 - $130.00 (40% donated)Various framed photosShown 16 x 20 framed $130.00Shown 8x10 framed, $48.00"Every shape and Color"Shown small panoramics, $48.00Wall of many sized framed workMatted"Embracing Life and Death" framed 32x26, $395.00Flat file panoramic prints from "Under the Influence of Trees" past exhibitFlat File everyday prints8 x 10 framed, $48.00Trees are a favorite themeBest selling imagesPointing the Way, poster, $95.00

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